Plant-Powered Athlete Dean Howell Wants You to Go Vegan

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Going vegan has given footballer Dean Howell a phenomenal body and the stamina that he needs as a professional athlete. With his new ad for PETA, shot by celebrity photographer Trevor Leighton, Dean is encouraging other professional athletes and anyone else who wants to get fit and save animals to try vegan. Footballer poses topless for PETA ad “After adopting a vegetarian diet at the age of 20 and then a vegan diet at 24, I maintained the same weight but slimmed down and saw my stamina go through the roof”, he told the Burton Mail.

Dean previously played for Bury Football Club and attributes making it as a professional athlete to his diet. “I believe my diet has spared me serious injury, and on the very rare occasions when I have taken a knock I have bounced back to full health in a fraction of the time.”

And he’s not the only meat-free footballer out of Bury. Bury-born football legend Phil Neville also recently advocated ditching meat.

Dean’s diet is free from meat, eggs and dairy products, and he encourages other professional athletes to adopt plant-based diets. More and more professional athletes are recognising that a healthy plant-based diet supplies the protein and other nutrients that they need to build muscle and strengthen their immune systems, without clogging arteries with saturated fat.

And of course, each vegan saves animals from extreme suffering on factory farms, in abattoirs and on the decks of fishing boats.

If you’ve ever considered changing your diet for the better and want to get fit like Dean, order PETA’s free vegan starter kit for tips, recipes and more.

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