Poland Scraps Proposed Trauma Training Drills Using Animals

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When Polish military contractor Eagle-Med System publicly announced that it had applied for a permit to conduct trauma training drills using animals – during which live animals are typically shot, stabbed, mutilated, and killed – PETA US stepped in right away.

PETA US urged Polish officials to uphold the country’s ban on using animals for military trauma training, which was enacted in 2013 following discussions with the group, and to reject all such applications.

The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education confirmed its commitment to the ban, stating that no such applications have been filed or would be considered, preventing countless animals from being slaughtered. The ministry also praised PETA US for “significant contribution[s] to the protection of animals around the world”.

A study published in 2012 by military doctors and PETA US found that Canada, Denmark, Norway, Poland, the UK, and the US were the only NATO nations still using animals for military training.

Polish Officials Have Our Respect!

Poland can now build on this progress for animals by adopting 21st century, animal-free medical research and toxicology testing methods. In order to support it in doing so, PETA US sent the ministry a comprehensive 40-page dossier outlining key opportunities for the country to become a global leader in replacing the use of animals in various medical research and toxicology testing categories, a move that would improve medical care, save lives, and reduce the waste of taxpayer money.

Encourage the UK to Follow Poland’s Lead

Twice a year, members of the UK military travel to Denmark to take part in deadly animal-based trauma training exercises.

Please urge the Ministry of Defence to join the majority of the UK’s NATO allies in choosing not to shoot, stab, or dismember animals in military training.