PETA Announces Winner of Poster Design Competition

Posted by on June 18, 2020 | Permalink

In April, PETA launched a competition calling on the public to submit designs for a new poster depicting the dangers inherent in exploiting animals. We received some tremendous submissions, but we could choose only one winner. After much debate, we’re excited to announce the winning design: “All Things Bright and Beautiful” by Lisa R.

“My poster attempts to reveal the revulsion I feel that absolutely nothing on the planet is left alone,” says Lisa. “I’ve chosen the most topical of all of the subjects listed, in the hopes that something, somewhere, may make a difference, even to just a few people.”

Lisa is a Bristol-based freelance graphic designer who is passionate about photography and animals. She enjoys caring for horses and cats and is a dedicated supporter of animal protection charities and local sustainability initiatives. Lisa will receive a six month subscription to TheVeganKind’s Lifestyle Box packed full of vegan goodies, as her prize.

Here’s a selection of the competition runners-up:

Why Vegan?

Humans’ reliance on animal agriculture is causing billions of animals to suffer and die every year, as well as fuelling climate change, pollution, and other environmental destruction. No one needs to eat meat to be healthy – meat consumption actually increases our risk of suffering from heart disease, strokes, cancer, and other diseases. Filthy factory farms, abattoirs, and meat markets provide the ideal conditions for pathogens like the novel coronavirus to emerge and spread.

What You Can Do

The source of COVID-19 is thought to be a live-animal market in Wuhan, China, where the squalid conditions meant that a virus could easily pass from animals to humans. PETA Asia has since exposed filth and suffering at many similar “wet markets” in China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. At these facilities, live and dead animals – often of a variety of species – are sold for human consumption. Stressed, injured, and sick animals are commonly caged in public areas, creating the perfect breeding grounds for disease.

Please join us in urging the World Health Organization to call for an end to deadly live-animal markets around the globe.