Will Ralph Lauren Drop Cashmere Following PETA Exposé?

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At Ralph Lauren’s annual meeting, PETA US – a shareholder in the company urged leadership to stop selling cashmere. The request followed a damning PETA Asia investigation that revealed goats screaming in pain and terror as workers tied their legs together, pinned them down, and tore out their hair with sharp metal combs, which sometimes left them with bleeding wounds.

Each cashmere garment in Ralph Lauren’s collections represents the mutilation and slaughter of terrified goats. We are calling on Ralph Lauren to make the responsible and compassionate decision to cut ties with cashmere.

The Cruelty Behind Ralph Lauren Cashmere Jumpers

Do you have the guts to watch this video to the end?

Remember these goats’ cries every time you shop, and stay away from cashmere – it means pain and death for these gentle animals.

PETA Asia investigators found pieces of cashmere with skin attached. One goat was seen with a bleeding penis, and another was found dead a day after he had been observed limping.

Once the goats no longer produce enough hair to be profitable, workers bash them on the head with a hammer and slit their throat. At one slaughterhouse, goats were seen moving for four agonising minutes as they slowly bled to death.

‘Responsible’ Claims Are a Lie

Ralph Lauren Corporation pledges to offer timeless designs created through responsible sourcing. However, PETA Asia’s latest investigation in Mongolia, from where Ralph Lauren acquires cashmere, exposed rampant animal abuse at cashmere operations, including at those certified as producers of misleadingly labelled “responsible” cashmere. The findings reveal that – no matter what the label says – all cashmere comes from goats whose hair was violently stolen from them before they were slaughtered.

If You’re Buying Cashmere, You’re Sponsoring Desertification

Did you know that goats must consume more than 10% of their body weight in roughage every day and they often eat plants down to the root, preventing them from growing back?

About 80% of the recent decline in vegetation on grassland is attributable to the explosion of goat and other ruminant animal populations in Mongolia. The United Nations Development Programme found that 90% of Mongolia consists of dry, vulnerable land that’s under increasing threat of desertification.

Urge Ralph Lauren to Cut Ties With Cashmere

Ralph Lauren believes that true luxury encompasses how a product was made. Given the abject cruelty uncovered in the PETA Asia investigation, Ralph Lauren must embrace its own definition of true luxury and drop cashmere. Please take a moment to send the company a message on social media urging it to stop using cashmere:

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Take One More Action for Goats

While you’re here, please use our action alert to send a message to other brands still using cashmere: