Rest In Peace, Brian Sewell

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Brian Sewell, art critic and a true friend to animals, has died at the age of 84.

Brian was devoted to his beloved adopted dogs, Lottie, Jack and Winck. He teamed up with PETA back in 2010 to help other less fortunate dogs by writing a comment in Hello magazine about why people should always adopt dogs from animal shelters rather than buying them from breeders.

And it wasn’t just dogs he cared about. Brian loved all animals. Last year, he published a children’s book, The White Umbrella, about a man who rescues a donkey who has been neglected and overworked.

Only a few months ago, despite his battle with cancer, Brian took the time to write to Air France urging the airline to stop transporting primates to be tortured and killed in laboratories. He, of all people, understood their plight. Going through cancer treatments and being at the mercy of doctors and scientists gave him a deeper understanding of the suffering of animals in laboratories. “Since my cancer diagnosis, I’ve spent months being poked and prodded, and I wouldn’t wish such an experience on my worst enemy, let alone on innocent animals”, he explained in his letter to Air France CEO Alexandre de Juniac, which can be seen in full here.

Speaking recently about his dogs, Brian said:

The fierceness of my affection is, with age, as resolute as ever. I have lost my interest in cars; I no longer have stamina enough for concerts; I could, at a pinch, give up the exhibitions that are my means of earning a living; but I could not bear to be without dogs and I hope that when I die it will be with dogs on my bed.

We hope that’s the way it was. We’ll all miss Brian terribly, none more so than his beloved dogs, but his legacy will live on, and we will continue campaigning, in his honour, to get Air France to stop sending animals to their deaths.

Rest in peace, Brian.