REVEALED: Shocking Indian Government-Run Dog Hellhole

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Shocking photos from PETA India reveal a dismal Indian government-run dog breeding unit rife with horrific diseases. An estimated 22 per cent of the adult dogs and 8 per cent of the puppies at the Tamil Nadu facility have died in the last year alone because of debility, gastric perforation, acute renal failure, nephritis or sudden collapse – all clinical conditions often caused by poor management practices and inadequate diagnostic and treatment services.   Dog Breeding Unit A Rajapalayam with severe mange Empty water bowl and dirty cage A Lonely life Dull and Depressed dog At a time when Tamil Nadu is struggling to cope with the thousands of stray dogs on its cities’ streets, the Indian government’s focus should be firmly on sterilisation, not on contributing to the dog-overpopulation crisis. The dog-breeding unit is a cruel dungeon for dogs and a waste of taxpayers’ money, as the government department is attempting to sell dogs to a population that does not want them, while thousands of homeless dogs wait for homes in Tamil Nadu’s animal shelters. Take Action Now Animal homelessness is not just a problem in India. Animal shelters in the UK put thousands of cats and dogs to death every year because of simple mathematics: there are too many animals and not enough good homes. You can help address this situation by never buying a dog from a breeder. Instead, if you’d like a canine companion, adopt a lovely mixed-breed pooch, who is far more likely to be a happy, healthy friend for a long, long time, from an animal shelter.