More Than 161,000 People Call On Greek Government to Stop the Abuse of Donkeys and Mules on Santorini for Cruel Rides

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PETA exposés have revealed that donkeys and mules are still being beaten and exploited as “taxis” on the Greek island of Santorini. Now, more than 161,000 supporters of PETA and our affiliates are calling on the Greek Minister for Agricultural Development and Food to ban the cruel rides immediately.

Tourism from Australia, Germany, France, the UK, and elsewhere fuels the economy on Santorini. PETA Germany delivered our appeal to the Greek Embassy in Berlin.

The demonstrators point out that the COVID-19 crisis has done a lot of damage to Greece, which is dependent on tourism, but also offers the opportunity for positive change: if the country doesn’t wish to be regarded as a holiday destination that tramples on animal welfare and profits from cruelty to animals, the government needs to act responsibly. It must ban the cruel rides and allow donkeys and mules to “social distance” from tourists forever at animal sanctuaries.

Image show PETA Germany demonstration© PETA Germany

As tourists return to Greece, it’s a disgrace that gentle donkeys and mules will still be whipped and forced to carry heavy loads day in and day out under the scorching sun.

PETA’s exposés show that many animals stumble – often after being beaten with a stick by a handler – endangering nearby tourists who are on foot. PETA Germany eyewitnesses frequently had to dodge unsupervised donkeys and mules in order to avoid injury, and one man even had to jump onto a wall to get out of the way of struggling animals. A recent investigation also shows blatant flouting of the 2018 weight restriction laws, despite veterinary recommendations that donkeys carry no more than 20% of their own body weight. When not being made to carry extremely heavy loads on their backs, the animals are often tethered in the blazing sun without access to water or shade.

You Can Help

Please join PETA and 161,000 other compassionate people in sending a message to the Greek agriculture minister.

It’s unacceptable that, despite years of pleas from animal advocates, a European country still allows this blatant animal abuse. It’s time that the Greek government implemented new legislation banning donkey and mule rides on Santorini altogether. This is the only way to prevent the animals from suffering.