Scrapped: Plans for Horrific Chicken Factory Farm Near York

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A huge intensive farm that was planned to be built on Green Belt land in Rufforth, North Yorkshire, would have kept 288,000 chickens at a time in crowded, windowless sheds for the entirety of their short lives.

Luckily, after thousands of people took action, the farmer has withdrawn the planning application, just one day before York Council was due to make a decision about whether the farm should be allowed to go ahead – probably because he knew the application was likely to be rejected.

This good news means that up to a million birds a year will be spared the misery of being raised for meat in grim factory farm conditions.

“Broiler” chickens typically lead short, unnatural lives, during which they may never feel the warmth of the sun or breathe fresh air. They’re bred to grow so large so fast that their legs are often unable to support their oversized bodies, and they can be sent to slaughter when they’re just 42 days old.

An Animal Aid investigation into another farm owned by H Barker & Son – the company behind this application – found deeply upsetting scenes, including birds with raw skin, hock burns and missing feathers, and piles of dead animals left to rot in the open air.

More than 4,000 of you signed our letter to the local council calling on them to refuse planning permission, while the application received many other objections from local residents, community organisations and even the local MP. We know that this widespread public pressure had an impact and helped convince the farmer to withdraw his plans for these monstrous poultry sheds. Thank you to everyone who got involved.

The movement against unethical factory farming is strong and growing all the time. Successes like this show that your voices can have a real impact.

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