See Cersei From ‘Game of Thrones’ as You’ve Never Seen Her Before

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Lena Headey wants you to know that animals in circuses are beaten, chained, whipped and forced to perform against their will. That’s why the actor, who plays Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, spoke out against archaic circuses in an interview with PETA US.

Lena was motivated to speak out after watching a documentary. “I decided to speak out because I’d seen a documentary on a French circus, and people had campaigned to free these lions that were in captivity since they were young”, she said. “And they managed to do it, and they flew them to Africa, and it was really beautiful. But the fact is, it’s still going on.”

Lena filmed the interview in 2008, and sadly, cruelty to animals in circuses is still happening today. The Prime Minister promised to ban wild-animal circuses by January 2015 but failed to bring any legislation to Parliament during the last government.

Forcing wild animals such as tigers, elephants, zebras and camels to perform absurd tricks is an archaic practice that has no place in modern Britain. Animals used in circuses spend most of their lives being carted from one performance to another in “beast wagons” or in barren temporary enclosures and may be beaten or punished as part of circuses’ barbaric training methods.

You can help stop this.

Please write to the Prime Minister. Ask him to stop making excuses and to bring in the ban on the use of wild animals in circuses that he promised without delay.