Simon Cowell’s Back Injury Prompts Get-Well Gift From PETA India

Posted by on August 14, 2020 | Permalink

Following a nasty cycling accident in which the long-time PETA supporter and Britain’s Got Talent judge broke his back, Simon Cowell has received a unique get-well gift from PETA India: a bull recovering from a back injury sustained in a motorbike accident has been named after him.

Simon, an extremely handsome Indian bull, was hurt in the freak accident when a rope tether around his neck – used to compel him to pull a heavy cart in the hot sun – got wrapped around a motorbike. Panicked, he ran, causing the motorbike to career alongside him down the road for almost 300 metres, until someone in the crowd caught hold of him. After being rescued and treated, he’s spending his days relaxing in the company of fellow rescued bulls at a sanctuary in Maharashtra, India.

Simon Cowell is a true friend to animals and PETA.

He has spoken out against the cruel fur trade and urged people never to leave dogs in hot cars:

We hope having a gentle bull on a parallel track to recovery named after him will lift Simon’s spirits as he gets back to normal, too.

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