Skinnydip London and PETA Join Forces for Cruelty-Free Fashion Collab

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PETA and fashion brand Skinnydip London have released a joint line of clothing and accessories – emblazoned with colourful animal rights messaging – allowing fashion fans to wear their hearts on their sleeves and take a stand against the exploitation of animals. A percentage of proceeds will contribute to PETA’s work.

What Does the PETA and Skinnydip Line Look Like?

The line includes shirts adorned with cartoon bunnies and a “Live Cruelty-Free” design, a matching phone case with the words “Choose Kindness” in blue, a T-shirt featuring a growling tiger gripping the words “Fur Is Dead” in their teeth, and “Happy in My Own Skin” T-shirts and hoodies with a floral snake motif.

Whether it’s summer or winter, haute couture or ready-to-wear, kindness is always in fashion. The PETA x Skinnydip collection allows shoppers to promote animal rights – and look fabulous doing it.

Why the Cruelty-Free Collab Is Needed

Cruelty isn’t cool. PETA exposés of fur and exotic-skins factory farms have documented that sick and stressed animals at such facilities are frequently neglected and violently killed. They live in crowded, unsanitary conditions and are denied the opportunity to engage in behaviour that’s natural to them.

In laboratories, experimenters routinely torture animals for unnecessary and unreliable tests – then kill them when they’re no longer useful.

This cruelty-free collab not only is a guilt-free purchase but also allows people to make a visible statement against wearing animal-derived materials or using products that have been tested on animals.

Be a Cruelty-Free Advocate

Show the world you’re happy in your own skin by shopping the new PETA x Skinnydip cruelty-free collection:

Speak out and help stop the killing of animals for fashion: