Help Cats Like Bob! Tackle the Homeless Animal Crisis by Spaying and Neutering

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Bob used to be a stray cat until he met busker James Bowen, who was also living on the streets. James says that his journey from drug addiction to rehabilitation was all thanks to the bond that the two developed, and he even penned New York Times bestseller A Street Cat Named Bob about their time together.

Street Cat Bob

Their new ad with PETA highlights the thousands of animals like Bob who end up homeless because there aren’t enough good homes for the huge populations of cats and dogs in the UK. Discussing the ad, James said:

Every stray cat deserves a good home with a human friend for life. I’m happy to team up with PETA to urge people to save the lives of cats like Bob by always spaying and neutering and never buying animals from breeders.

You Can Help

Without spaying, one female cat and her offspring can produce no fewer than 370,000 kittens. Help save lives by always spaying and neutering, and if you’re looking for a new friend, always adopt and help homeless animals rather than supporting unscrupulous breeders.