Success! Cruel Worcestershire Chicken Farm Proposal Finally Rejected

Posted by on January 15, 2015 | Permalink

Victory for chickens!Victory at last – we’ve just learned that the Planning Inspectorate has dismissed plans to build a horrific new chicken factory in Upton Snodsbury, Worcestershire, after almost 30,000 PETA supporters spoke out against the proposal! The planning application had previously been unanimously rejected by Wychavon District Council, but the applicant had attempted to overturn the decision by appealing to the national Planning Inspectorate. Chickens, local residents and all compassionate people can breathe a sigh of relief now that the appeal has also been turned down, meaning that this monstrosity can never be built. The proposal would have subjected 160,000 birds at a time to misery in the most hellish of conditions – crammed together in dark, filthy sheds for the entirety of their short lives and forced to grow so large so fast that they would often have become crippled under their own weight. Broiler chickens (who are raised for meat) are typically sent to slaughter when they’re just 42 days old. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition. This result shows what we can achieve when we act together! If you become aware of any applications for new factory farms in your area, please get in touch with our campaigner Kirsty at [email protected]. Of course, the most powerful way to oppose the cruelty of the broiler industry is to refuse to buy its products. Learn more about choosing a meat-free diet: