Success for Seals – EU Ban on Importing Seal Fur Is Upheld!

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victory for Canada seals Yesterday, in a move that genuinely put animal welfare first, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled that the EU ban on the import of seal fur and other products because of “moral concerns” is legal.

The WTO was not impressed by Canada’s far-fetched claim that the commercial seal slaughter can somehow be humane, meaning that Canada’s desperate attempt to revive the archaic and cruel practice of bludgeoning baby seals to death may have finally died. This victory comes on the heels of pleas from tens of thousands of PETA supporters and letters to the panel from Jude Law on PETA’s behalf, as well as from Canadian Pamela Anderson.

Since there are now no remaining markets for seal fur, the WTO’s ruling may be the final nail in the sealing industry’s coffin. Instead of squandering millions more in taxpayer dollars appealing yet another international ruling against it, Canada should pursue a buyout, which would help seals and sealers.

Although it looks like the barbaric seal-fur trade’s days are numbered, both from a moral and an economic point of view, you can still help to hasten its demise by taking action:

Image: chapmankj75 / CC BY 2.0