This Cartoon Will Change How You Think About Your Christmas Dinner

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Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, coming together with family and friends and spreading festive cheer – that is, if you’re human.

If you’re a turkey, however, it’s more likely to mean a violent death. Put yourself in the place of one of the 17.5 million turkeys who are slaughtered each year in the UK with our startling new video:

What if someone did this to me?

Even in animated form, the ordeal faced by animals in slaughterhouses is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Try to imagine it. In the run-up to Christmas, you’re taken from probably a dark, filthy shed, shoved into a crate, loaded onto a lorry, transported to an unknown destination and dropped onto a conveyor belt.

If you’re lucky, you’ll lose consciousness before being shackled, scalded, plucked and decapitated – but because of high processing rates and inadequate stunning methods, many birds are not even granted that mercy. After you’ve been “processed” and killed, either by having your throat slit or your neck dislocated, your lifeless body will then be trussed, packaged and sold to consumers who should know better.

This Christmas, please don’t do this to anyone. Turkeys are intelligent, interesting birds who experience pain, fear and suffering just as we do. They deserve better.

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