Three Dogs Die in One Weekend After Being Left Inside Hot Cars

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Three dogs endured a slow, agonising death after their negligent guardians left them inside parked cars during July’s heat wave.

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The RSPCA was called out 106 times because of reports of animals trapped inside hot cars or caravans over a single weekend last month, when temperatures reached over 30 degrees. But in three of the cases, officials arrived too late to save the dogs’ lives.

This is what the inspector involved said about the awful experience:

To witness a dead dog in a hot car is particularly harrowing. When you go home at night, it is hard to put out of your mind that they would have slowly stifled to death, gasping for air.

When a dog is left in a car for a prolonged period of time their skin blisters and they suffocate. It’s hard to think of anything worse.

While for most of us, not leaving a dog in a hot car is just common sense, these tragic events show all too clearly that some people still haven’t got the message. On a hot day, the inside of a parked car can reach temperatures of up to 70 degrees. And because dogs can only regulate their body temperature by panting or sweating through their paw pads, they are especially vulnerable to suffering from heatstroke when trapped in a hot environment. Even if you expect to be gone for only a few minutes, leaving your dog in your car can be fatal.

Please help prevent further dog deaths by sharing this essential information for keeping animals safe in warm weather.

And if you ever see a dog suffering inside a hot car, don’t hesitate to act! Follow these simple steps, and you could save someone’s life.

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