Too Many Tourists Don’t Realise That This Happens Right After the ‘Running of the Bulls’

Posted by on June 16, 2016 | Permalink

This new video, showing the grisly death that awaits the bulls who run through Pamplona’s cobbled streets at the annual San Fermín festival, is designed to open tourists’ eyes to the carnage they could be supporting in Spain.

The video was created by grassroots Spanish group Torture Is Not Culture, sponsored by Animal Guardians and supported by Europe’s largest animal-protection groups, including PETA, Humane Society International, CAS International and the European offices of World Animal Protection as well as by the International Anti-Bullfighting Network, which unites 110 animal-protection organisations around the world.

As shown in the video, each bull who is made to participate in a fight is repeatedly speared and stabbed before the matador attempts to sever the exhausted animal’s spine with a dagger. Sometimes, the bull drowns in his own blood before the dagger comes into play. Other times, he’s still alive as his broken, bleeding body is dragged out of the arena and left to await slaughter.

Many of the foreigners who go to Pamplona to run with the bulls every year have no idea about this cruelty. If they did, many of them would probably run the other way.

And yet tourism is one of the main reasons why barbaric bullfighting still occurs. As Marta from Torture Is Not Culture, the creator of the video, says:

Putting an end to animal torture in Spain is not only a matter for Spaniards. … 81 per cent of Spaniards don’t support bullfighting, so it really is a dying industry.

Help more people learn the truth about the Running of the Bulls by sharing this video and encouraging everyone you know to avoid this cruel event.