Tribute to a Compassionate Dad

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Where do most of us learn about kindness for the first time? From our mum and dad, of course. A caring parent can be the inspiration for a lifetime of compassion for the people and animals around us, which is why we decided to celebrate Father’s Day by giving an award to a progressive papa who set an inspiring example for his children.

The first-ever recipient of PETA’s Compassionate Dad Award is 89-year-old Sidney Pledger, a World War II veteran who’s a hero for animals as well as for his country. Nominated by his daughter, Sharen, Sidney has gone out of his way to rescue many homeless, sick and injured animals over the course of his life.

Sdiney and cat

“As a Nazi concentration camp survivor, my dad always used to tell us that life is one big concentration camp for animals”, Sharen explains. “Having seen so much cruelty during the war – even bombs being dropped on animals – made my amazing dad turn his back on all forms of cruelty for the rest of his life.”

Like raising kids, adopting an animal takes time, love and money but is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. And it really does save lives: each year, thousands of dogs and cats have to be put down because there aren’t enough good homes for them, while others are abandoned and die from neglect or abuse.

Thank you, Sidney, for being a great role model! We hope all the other compassionate dads out there are also having a truly special day. And if you’re considering bringing an animal companion into your home, please follow Sidney’s example – adopt, don’t buy!