Twilight Stars Shine for PETA!

Posted by on November 16, 2011 | Permalink

If, like us, you love The Twilight Saga, you’re already all geared up for the latest serving of vampire mania, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, due to hit cinema screens this weekend.

Despite their characters’ dead hearts, many of the smouldering Twilight stars have a warm heart for animals. The newest member to appear in a PETA ad is hunky werewolf Booboo Stewart (aka “Seth Clearwater“).

Stewart wants you to know that buying an animal from a breeder or pet shop means killing the chances of animals who are currently in animal shelters and desperately needing homes.

Stewart joins the gorgeous Christian Serratos (aka “Angela Weber”), who has previously spoken out for seals and against the fur trade:

Then there’s hottie Kellan Lutz (aka “Emmett Cullen”), whose message is “adopt, don’t buy”: