The UK’s Best Vegan-Friendly Pizzerias

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Fact: vegans love pizza. More and more restaurants across the UK are winning vegan hearts and minds by introducing cheesy vegan pizzas, sometimes even with a selection of delicious mock meats to pile on top.

Here’s our list of the UK’s best vegan-friendly pizzerias:

Belfast | Birmingham | Brighton and Hove | Bristol and Gloucestershire | Cardiff | Edinburgh and Glasgow | Exeter | Leeds | London | Manchester | Plymouth | National Chains

Zizzi Pizza Vegan Cheese


Greens Pizzeria: This popular pizzeria has a separate vegan menu on which you can find garlic bread and various vegetable pizzas, all topped with delicious vegan cheese. Its Marlborough pizza features toasted pine nuts and balsamic-dressed sliced tomatoes.


Mr Singh’s: This pizzeria boasts an extensive menu that includes mouth-watering pizzas made with a variety of toppings, including vegan pepperoni, vegan sausage, coriander, and dairy-free mozzarella and cheddar. Vegan options are clearly marked with a “V”.

Brighton and Hove

Purezza Vegan Pizza

Morelli Zorelli: This popular Brighton hotspot offers an impressive selection of vegan meat and cheese pizzas cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven. Be sure to leave room for their sensational desserts like the vegan chocolate hazelnut spread pizza with strawberries.

Purezza: This all-vegan pizza parlour in central Brighton offers authentic Italian stone-baked pizzas topped with vegan cheese as well as tasty butternut squash or houmous bases.

Pizzaface: Vegan cheese is available throughout the week at Pizzaface, and on Mondays and Tuesdays, it also offers a quirky vegan menu featuring pizzas named after vegan celebrities. Highlights include The Moby with chorizo and smoked sausage and the Thom Yorke, topped with spinach and smoked tofu. Yum!

Pizza Me: This authentic pizza parlour delivers, so you never have to leave the house. Pizza Me, which was founded by three Italian friends, offers various vegan pizzas with toppings that include mock meats, tofu and veggies.

V-Bites Café & Shop: Right in the heart of Brighton, this restaurant is a leading supplier of vegan foods. Its all-vegan menu includes a selection of hand-rolled and stone-baked pizzas, including the cheesy Margherita and the No Meat Feast, or you can customise your own. Toppings include vegan cheese, sausage and barbecue chicken.

Bristol and Gloucestershire

Planet Pizza -Vegan PizzaPlanet Pizza

Fat Toni’s Pizzeria: With delivery available in Cam, Gloucester and Stroud, Fat Toni’s is supplying the Cotswolds with vegan pizza. Its vegan chef is helping the company grow with new plant-based options, and all its pizzas can be made with vegan cheese.

Pepenero Pizza: Bristol’s Pepenero Pizza uses completely organic ingredients, from its pizza bases to fresh vegetable toppings. The pizzas in the vegan section of its menu all come with vegan mozzarella and are prepared separately from other menu items.

Planet Pizza: Dine in or get a delivery from this popular pizzeria which offers the option to create your own vegan pizza using dairy-free mozzarella and a variety of delicious vegetable toppings, including artichokes, sundried tomatoes, roasted vegetables and Moroccan spiced chickpeas.

Zero Zero: Run by locals Estelle and Rob, this pizzeria and takeaway in Easton serves fantastic stone-baked pizzas with homemade sourdough bases and slow-cooked tomato sauce. It offers a great selection of vegan pizzas that include homemade cashew and cassava vegan cheese. Delicious!


Vegan Pizza Co

Vegan Pizza Co: This is Cardiff’s first 100 per cent vegan pizza company. It offers delicious, hand-stretched stone-baked pizzas made with vegan cheese and a choice of toppings from Mediterranean vegetables to faux pepperoni. It trades at pop-up stalls in and around Cardiff as well as at food festivals, markets and private functions. Follow this pizzeria on Facebook or Twitter to find out where it will be next.

Edinburgh and Glasgow

Dough - Vegan PizzaDough

Dough: This independent pizzeria delivers Italian wood-fired pizzas across Edinburgh and offers gorgeous pizzas topped with vegan cheese, aubergines, red onions, roasted peppers, pine nuts and rocket.

La Favorita Delivered: This Scottish restaurant also jumped on the vegan train and was the first in Edinburgh to offer vegan cheese pizza. It didn’t take much to convince the owners that dairy-free options are great for vegan, lactose-intolerant and health-conscious customers. There’s also a location now in Glasgow.

Nova Pizza: This vegetarian Italian restaurant in Edinburgh has an impressive vegan menu. With a wide variety of vegan meats and cheeses, including pepperoni, chicken, Parmesan and blue cheese, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Herbies: This family-run vegetarian restaurant offers many great vegan options, including decadent desserts, but its homemade pizza with vegan cheese is especially popular with vegans and non-vegans alike.

The Old Firehouse: This traditional pub serves gigantic rustic vegan pizzas till the early hours of the morning. Options include butternut squash with spinach and chickpeas or the Fired Up Vegan for those who enjoy a spicy pizza.


Ecco Pizzeria: Eat in or order takeaway at this beloved institution specialising in authentic wood-fired pizza which can be requested with cruelty-free vegan mozzarella. Delish!

Grove Cafe: This takeaway in Headingley offers a variety of vegan cheese pizzas, including tempting options such as the Soya Delight Pizza topped with roasted tofu, mushrooms and peppers. Finish your meal with a piece of the vegan chocolate fudge cake for the full package.

Oranaise Café: This authentic Moroccan and Mediterranean eatery offers a separate vegan menu with a choice of three cheesy pizzas.


A photo posted by Maguire’s Pizza Bar (@maguirespizza) on

Maguire’s Pizza Bar: This vegan-friendly pizza bar in the heart of Liverpool offers many great options, including vegan meats and dairy-free cheeses. You won’t be disappointed with the great selection of pizzas on offer, including the Hey Pesto, topped with basil and vegan bacon and chicken. Be sure to leave room for a vegan cupcake.



Basilico: This was the first pizzeria to deliver wood-fired pizza right to one’s door. Vegan cheese can be substituted on all its vegetarian pizzas, and the restaurant won a PAPA Industry Award in 2015 for best regional delivery chain!

Village Pizza: The vegan section of this pizzeria’s menu boasts seven tempting options. The Hickory Chicken Pizza topped with meat-free chicken, vegan cheese, barbecue sauce, mushrooms, sweetcorn and mixed peppers will take you to pizza heaven.

Firezza: This PETA Vegan Food Award winner offers dairy-free cheese on any of its pizzas – just hit “Customise” when you’re choosing your pizza, uncheck mozzarella and select the vegan cheese option. With 16 locations in London (plus one in Royal Tunbridge Wells), Firezza provides a vegan pizza fix across the capital.

Fed by Water: This gourmet vegan restaurant offers both healthy eating and authentic Italian cuisine. Its pizzas and calzones are available with a wide variety of mock meats, from soy ham to spicy seitan salami as well as a selection of gorgeous vegan cheeses.

ICCO: This popular independent Italian pizzeria offers a popular vegan pizza for eating in, takeaway or delivery. Delicious, easily customised vegan cheesy goodness is just a click away.


Dough Kitchen: This Northern Quarter pizzeria has long been a favourite with vegans, thanks to its variety of cheesy dairy-free toppings. And now it’s teamed up with Deliveroo, which means you can get your hands on some of its pizzas without even leaving the house.


Samphire Brasserie -Vegan PizzaSamphire Brasserie

Samphire Vegan Restaurant: Plymouth’s impressive all-vegan restaurant and takeaway has a selection of pizzas with a variety of mock meats and dairy-free cheeses, including Mocksarella and feta. Popular pizza choices include Four Cheese and Cajun Chicken.

National Chains

TheStable -Vegan PizzaStable Pizza

Stable Pizza: You can get your vegan pizza fix at all Stable locations by choosing any vegetarian option and asking for vegan cheese or customising your own pizza. Gluten-free options are available. There are locations in Bath, Birmingham, Bridport, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Falmouth, Fistral, Plymouth, Poole, Southampton, Weymouth, Whitechapel and Winchester.

Zizzi’s: This popular Italian restaurant was the first chain in the UK to provide cheesy vegan pizza options, with its dairy-free mozzarella, and it’s still as popular as ever. Aside from vegan pizza, Zizzi’s now offers a vegan menu that includes pasta and yummy desserts.

Pizza Express: You can order any pizza from their menu with vegan cheese, but we’d recommend the Vegan Giardiniera – a delicious pizza topped with olives, artichoke, asparagus, and non-dairy mozzarella-style cheese. They also offer a delicious cheese-free pizza with their Pianta.

ASK Italian: Their vegan menu makes this chain a must-visit for those looking for cruelty-free Italian dishes. You can add vegan cheese to any pizza on the menu or personalise your own by choosing the toppings.

Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut’s restaurants have delicious, melty Violife cheese available to top any pizza.

As more and more Brits become aware of the health benefits of eating vegan as well as the horrific treatment and suffering of the animals bred for our plates, the demand for vegan options is only going to increase. These pizza places are leading the way by catering to those who don’t want to support the cruel meat, egg and dairy industries. If your local pizzeria isn’t offering vegan cheese just yet, tweet it this blog post, let it know that 2016 is the #YearOfVegan and politely ask the owners to add cruelty-free items to their menu.