Unexpected Air France Flight Announcement Informs Passengers About Cruel Monkey Shipments

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Untitled-1In France, we must reject all suffering. Please, ask Air France to stop transporting primates to laboratories!” That was the in-flight announcement heard loudly and clearly by Air France passengers this morning as they boarded a flight from Paris to Marseille. Just before takeoff, a PETA France supporter pulled out a poster with an image of a monkey who was tortured inside a laboratory to alert passengers to the fact that Air France is the last major airline in the world that still delivers monkeys to laboratories in the US and elsewhere, where they are caged, cut into, poisoned and killed in cruel, archaic experiments. Many of the thousands of monkeys shipped by Air France from Asia and Africa were first torn away from their homes and families in the wild. Others are bred on squalid monkey factory farms. These sensitive and intelligent animals are crammed into small wooden crates and transported inside dark cargo holds for nearly 30 hours, often on passenger flights just below unsuspecting customers. When the monkeys reach their final destinations, they are imprisoned in tiny cages and tormented in painful, terrifying – and often deadly – experiments. Air France PETA

People in France and all over the world have been speaking out against these inexcusable primate shipments. As one PETA France member put it:

“Air France’s bloody trade in monkeys is a stain on our nation’s reputation in the eyes of the rest of the world”.

Please add your voice to our campaign to get Air France to stop! Take action here.