Great News! Victoria’s Secret & Co Cuts Cashmere

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After learning from PETA US that goats scream in pain as they’re tied down and their hair is torn out in the cashmere industry, Victoria’s Secret & Co has banned cashmere. To celebrate, the fashion retailer, which owns Victoria’s Secret and PINK, will receive a box of delicious vegan chocolates from PETA US.

Victoria’s Secret’s decision will spare many goats the horrific ordeal of shearing, but consumers must help animals by always choosing vegan materials – which aren’t derived from animal exploitation.

The Cruel Side of Cashmere

PETA Asia investigated cashmere farms in China and Mongolia, which together are responsible for 90% of the world’s cashmere. The video footage revealed that terrified goats were pinned to the ground while workers ripped out their hair with sharp metal combs so violently that the animals screamed in pain and sustained bloody cuts.

In China, goats deemed no longer profitable were slaughtered after workers hit them in the head with a hammer in an attempt to stun them. In Mongolia, workers dragged them by one leg onto the slaughterhouse floor before slitting their throat in full view of other goats.

A Contributor to Climate Destruction

The negative environmental impact of cashmere production is greater than that of any other animal-derived fibre. The industry is a significant contributor to soil degradation, which turns grasslands into deserts, including in Mongolia, where 90% of the land is in danger of desertification.

Available Alternatives

There is an abundance of luxurious, stylish vegan materials to take the place of animal-derived fabrics. These include soya cashmere, recycled polyester, organic and sustainably farmed hemp, and bamboo as well as modal, Tencel, and viscose made from sustainably harvested wood.

Help Create a Cashmere-Free World

Victoria’s Secret joins ASOS, Columbia Sportswear, Overstock, and dozens of other companies that have banned cashmere. Help us urge other retailers to follow suit, by sending H&M a message now: