VICTORY: Dublin Council Votes to Ban Wild-Animal Circuses

Posted by on July 26, 2016 | Permalink

On Monday, Dublin City Council voted in favour of banning wild-animal circuses from public land!


Thanks to the motion, which was introduced by Councillor Noeleen Reilly, Dublin now joins Limerick, Galway, and many other local authorities across Ireland that have taken a stand against circuses that force animals such as elephants, tigers, and zebras to perform.

In response to the news, Ms Reilly said:

I am delighted my motion was passed. This is a cruel outdated practice that holds no place in modern Ireland. Training and torturing animals to perform tricks for our entertainment in an unnatural environment is inhuman and degrading. Not only that but animals are chained or caged for up to 24 hours a day and are only let out to perform. I want to commend all the local Authorities who have passed similar motions to date and now call on the Minister to listen to what the councils are telling him and to ban this practice from the state immediately.

Last week, Irish celebrity and animal rights activist Rosanna Davison teamed up with PETA and ARAN and wrote to the council to voice her support for the ban – as did many other compassionate PETA supporters. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!

Help persuade more councils to ban cruel wild-animal circuses.

Contact your local authority and, if it hasn’t already, urge it to follow Dublin’s example and introduce a motion to keep cruel animal performances off public land. Find your councillors’ contact details here (if you live in Ireland) or here (if you live in the UK).