Victory: Royal Shakespeare Company Goes Foie Gras–Free!

Posted by on May 25, 2011 | Permalink

We have some great news to share! After being contacted by PETA and a number of their patrons, the Royal Shakespeare Company and its Rooftop Restaurant have agreed to end their sale of foie gras. They are the latest to join a growing list of British establishments that have dropped foie gras, including Selfridges and the BAFTAs. Prince Charles has even banned the vile product from his Royal residence.

Every year, millions of birds are born into a life of torture. Crammed into tiny cages or pens, these beautiful animals are force fed huge quantities of food several times a day. A pipe is rammed down their throats, and food is pumped into their stomach, causing their livers to swell to several times their normal size. The birds suffer from respiratory problems as their enlarged livers crush their lungs, and the feeding pipe causes damage to their sensitive oesophagi, causing excruciating pain.

Please help birds suffering for foie gras by speaking out against local businesses and restaurants that sell foie gras, and join our campaign to get British department store Fortnum & Mason to drop this inhumane product.

Please download the following two Microsoft Word documents, which give you helpful tips on how to approach restaurants, hotels and other establishments as well as a sample letter that you can adapt: