VIDEO: Filmmaker Jack Harries Calls for Canada Goose Boycott

Posted by on November 19, 2018 | Permalink

Jack Harries teamed up with PETA to expose the cruelty behind Canada Goose jackets.

In the video, Jack explains why he’s taking a stand:

“When the weather drops, we all want to stay cosy and warm. However, there’s nothing colder than wearing fur from animals that have been violently trapped, killed, and skinned.”


He goes on to explain that coyotes – whose fur is used to trim the brand’s coats and jackets – are caught in steel traps and may suffer for days from blood loss, shock, and dehydration before trappers arrive to strangle, stamp, or bludgeon them to death. Mother coyotes have been known to chew through their own limbs in their desperation to return to their starving pups.

Jack also points out that birds are hurt for Canada Goose’s outerwear, too: the company uses down feathers from ducks and geese whose throats are slit before they’re plunged into scalding-hot water, sometimes while still conscious.

Jack is part of a growing celebrities – including Justin Long, Maggie Q, Pamela Anderson, and Sarah Jeffery – who have teamed up with PETA or its affiliates to speak out against Canada Goose.

What You Can Do

You may have seen someone wearing a Canada Goose jacket already this autumn. Many people don’t realise that animals endure a terrifying and agonising death for the brand’s fur trims and down-feather fillers, so please speak up by sharing Jack’s video with your friends and family – and together, we’ll make sure everyone learns what’s done to animals for the company’s garments.