WATCH: This April Fool’s Joke in Paris Airport Leaves Air France Red-Faced

Posted by on April 1, 2015 | Permalink

Cruelty is no laughing matter, but sometimes playful tactics are the best way to get a compassionate message across.

Watch how these PETA France supporters used an April Fool’s joke to draw attention to Air France’s continuing policy of shipping primates to laboratories at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport today:

The fake announcements, which were broadcast on gigantic portable speakers by three groups of protesters, could have been mistaken for a typical boarding call or flight-status update unless you listened closely. What they actually said was, “The caged monkeys on the Air France flight destined for cruel experiments in laboratories are requested to please remain inside their cages in the cargo hold”.

The prank left travellers bemused – and questioning the ethics of an airline that flies terrified monkeys to labs for deadly experiments, when every other major airline refuses to do so. Sometimes these unethical animal shipments are directly below the feet of unsuspecting human passengers on Air France flights.

This action is the latest in campaigns by PETA and our affiliates to persuade Air France to put monkeys on the no-fly list. Please add your voice by sending a quick message to the airline.