Metalcore Band ‘While She Sleeps’ on Saving Animals – and Vegan Pizza!

Posted by on December 11, 2015 | Permalink

British band While She Sleeps has been making waves with its metal sound as it tours around the world. peta2, the youth division of PETA US, caught up with band members Adam “Sav” Savage and Aaran McKenzie at Warped Tour to discuss their transition from vegetarian to vegan eating, their top tips for finding cruelty-free junk food on the road and even how they order vegan takeaway pizza!

These guys prove that going vegan is the cool and compassionate choice and that you don’t even have to give up your favourite foods. By going vegan, you can save the lives of countless animals, improve your own health and help reduce climate change. If watching this has made you hungry for a delicious vegan pizza, find out how you can get an animal-friendly option delivered straight to your door: