Win a Copy of ‘Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals’ by Rory Freedman!

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Rory Freedman, PETA favourite and co-author of international bestseller Skinny Bitch, is back with a no-holds-barred look at how we can better protect our closest companions. Beg is bound to influence the choices and actions of readers to improve the lives of animals – a battle cry to animal lovers everywhere.

The straightforward approach of the book shines a light on the treatment of animals the world over. From puppy mills and animal homelessness to the pains of declawing and tail-docking, Rory explains the many dangers that companion animals face at the hands of humans and what we can do to help improve their lives!

Rory admits that her love for her dogs borders on the obsessive, so we thought it would be great to give copies of her new book to three equally devoted animal guardians. She can pick out her pups from a line-up by breath alone (pew!), but do you have a bond worth boasting about?

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