You Might Never Eat Caviar Again After Watching This

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Ever thought about where caviar comes from? The reality is pretty disgusting.

This video went viral after viewers were revolted at seeing the process by which eggs are removed from fish’s stomachs.

How A Caviar Farm Makes The Sought-After Delicacy

This is how the best caviar is made.

Posted by Seeker by The Verge on Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The nauseating footage highlights how unappealing this “luxury food” is and also reveals how fish are bred on farms. In such facilities, fish are usually forced to live in enclosures a fraction of the size of their natural habitats, and as a result of the close confinement and filthy conditions, disease is often rampant.

It’s not just caviar that causes fish to suffer but the whole seafood industry. Billions of fish and other sea animals are trawled from the ocean every year and are usually left to suffocate on the decks of boats.

Not only is humans’ taste for fish causing animal suffering on an enormous scale, it’s also an environmental disaster. For every 1 kg of fish caught for consumption, up to 5 kg of “non-target” marine animals are also caught and then discarded – many already dead – as “by-catch”. With three-quarters of the world’s oceans exploited or completely depleted, eating fish is simply unsustainable.

For those who still want the taste of caviar without the cruelty, there are some great vegan alternatives on the market. Cavi-art makes a seaweed-based alternative to the eggs, and IKEA offers a similar product at the bargain price of £1.50.