Do These Photos From the Yulin Dog Meat Festival Remind You of Anything?

Posted by on June 23, 2016 | Permalink

Activists on the ground at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival are reporting horrific scenes of cruelty to animals as dogs are killed, cooked, dismembered and eaten. This annual event is condemned by the international community – and by many Chinese people, too – but is there any rational reason why the thought of eating any other animal shouldn’t elicit the same kind of reaction?

The photos from a PETA Asia activist at 2016’s “festival” look remarkably similar to scenes that may be familiar to many Brits.

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[twentytwenty align=”center”]Yulin Dogs in CratesUK Pig Farm March 2016[/twentytwenty]


[twentytwenty align=”center”]Dead Dogs At Yulin 2016UK Pig Farming[/twentytwenty]


[twentytwenty align=”center”]Dead Dog in Freezer at YulinButcher[/twentytwenty]


[twentytwenty align=”center”]Yulin Dog Meat FestivalBBQ Pig[/twentytwenty] During the 10 days of Yulin, up to 15,000 dogs will be slaughtered. In the same 10-day span, nearly 29 million terrified animals will be killed to satisfy British appetites. Pointing a finger at other cultures is easy – what’s harder is facing up to cruelty closer to home. Yes, let’s be outraged by the cruelty that occurs during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, but let’s not be hypocrites about it. We should extend our compassion to all animals, because after all: if you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a pig?