Join These Companies in Celebrating Earth Day

Time is running out to curb the climate catastrophe, but going vegan is one of the most powerful things you can do to help. Simply by eating vegan, you can lower your carbon footprint from food by up to 73%. Eating plant-based foods also reduces pollution and the risk of pandemics, can benefit your health, and prevents animal suffering. PETA is urging everyone to do their part by going vegan this Earth Day.


Check out the companies that have joined PETA’s call to action by encouraging their customers to go vegan for Earth Day:


There are thousands of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants on Deliveroo. The company is promoting its favourite vegan takeaways this Earth Day, and here are PETA’s top picks.

Papa Johns

PETA has teamed up with Papa Johns to commission what could be the first ever climate analysis of a pizza. The vegan pizza comes out top in all categories, and it’s delicious!


Roadchef tweet.

Motorway journeys just got a whole lot better. Roadchef has top plant-based treats at LEON, Costa Coffee, McDonald’s, and its own Fresh Food Café restaurants.

The Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament fully vegan menu..

In honour of Earth Day, Holyrood is hosting a fully vegan dining event for members of the Scottish Parliament and guests. The tapas-style menu has been crafted by the Parliament’s inhouse chefs to showcase sustainable plant-based ingredients. The future of food is vegan!

Uber Eats

Uber Eats has an ambition to expand the number of vegan options available on the app, which is great news for animals and the planet. The company is teaming up with PETA to share the “Go vegan for Earth Day” message and our vegan starter kit with its customers.

Whatley Manor

Luxury hotel and spa Whatley Manor launched a special plant-based menu to coincide with this year’s Earth Day. Created by Executive Chef Ricki Weston and with a focus on seasonal vegetables and local herbs and spices, the menu includes a baba ganoush tart, caramelised cauliflower, and a rhubarb trifle.

Eat Green, Eat Vegan

Animal agriculture is driving the climate catastrophe, deforestation, ocean acidification, water pollution, species extinction, pandemics, and cruelty, but a switch to vegan foods can help end all of that. If animal agriculture is phased out within the next 15 years, it will result in a 68% fall in greenhouse gas emissions globally. That’s enough to prevent catastrophic heating, keeping global temperatures below the vital 2-degree threshold. Right now, millions of chickens, cows, and pigs are killed every day for their flesh, and wild animals are losing their homes as animal agriculture encroaches on natural habitats. Be a hero for ALL life on Earth, and save up to 200 animals per year by going vegan.

Join In to Protect Our Planet

It’s never been more urgent to take action. Pledge to eat vegan this Earth Day – and every day! Share the message on social media, and encourage your friends and family to take part. Don’t forget to tag @PETAUK and include the hashtag #VeganForEarthDay.

Take the pledge to start your vegan journey: