Domino’s Rolls Out Vegan Cheese Pizzas in the UK

The highly anticipated vegan cheese option is available now at 1,200 UK locations. The plant-based offerings include the Vegan Margherita, the Vegan Vegi Supreme, and a vegan take on the iconic garlic and herb dip. Line these vegan pizzas up and knock ’em down!

PETA and vegan cheese lovers all over the UK have been urging the company to offer vegan pizza for years, and we’re excited that the vegan domino effect has finally struck Domino’s, which will join Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, PizzaExpress, Zizzi, and other chains that offer delicious vegan options. It’s a vegan pizza chain reaction.

By adding vegan choices to its menu, Domino’s is helping to meet the booming demand for animal-friendly food.

Consumers who choose to ditch dairy spare cows immense suffering on factory farms and help reduce the devastating environmental impact of animal agriculture.

Go Vegan

There are so many delicious plant-based options available that going vegan is now easier than ever. Order our free vegan starter kit to get more tips from PETA on eating vegan: