Over 100 Ads in Greece Are Now Calling On Tourists to Avoid Cruel Donkey Rides

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After Santorini officials refused to run adverts highlighting the suffering of donkeys and mules used as “taxis” on the Greek island, PETA Germany – refusing to be silenced – has bombarded neighbouring ports, ferries, taxis, buses, billboards, and cargo bikes with the powerful campaign.

Over 100 ads – which read, “Help Stop Cruelty: Please Don’t Ride the Donkeys and Mules!” – are now visible in the popular Greek coastal towns of Rafina and Piraeus.

What’s Going On in Santorini?

The campaign follows a recent PETA eyewitness exposé revealing that donkeys and mules are used as “taxis” in Santorini’s scorching summer heat – they’re forced to transport tourists up more than 500 steep steps to the old town of Firá, even though a cable car has been operating nearby for decades.

Many animals were found tethered in the blazing-hot sun without access to water or shade – and some were even forced to continue working at night, carting bags of rubbish.

A new law passed this year prevents owners from burdening donkeys with loads exceeding 100 kilograms – but according to veterinary recommendations, donkeys shouldn’t carry more than 20% of their body weight, approximately 50 kilograms.

How You Can Help Donkeys

Please sign our appeal to the Greek minister of tourism and the mayor of Santorini urging them to ban cruel donkey rides altogether:

At many tourist attractions, animals are abused and mistreated in order to make money. Avoid all animal-exploiting activities, including rides, shows, and photo ops.

If you’re asked or encouraged to participate in such an activity while on holiday, please tell the organiser that you refuse to take part because of animal welfare concerns. Ask them to stop offering these activities.