11 Reasons to Have a Wool-Free Winter

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PETA Wool-Free Winter LogoIf you care about animals, wool-free fashions are the way to go this winter. Here’s why:

1.This video:

It’s a one-minute glimpse into everything that’s wrong with the wool industry.

2. Because 2 to 6 million baby lambs die of exposure, disease or other factors every year – and that’s just in the UK.
Most deaths occur within 48 hours of birth.

3. Because shearing is rough, terrifying and often deadly for sheep. 2014-03-30_08_Close up of dead sheep outside shed after work_IMG_0038 This sheep didn’t survive the experience. The shearer handled her so violently that he broke her neck before kicking her headfirst down a chute.

4. Because mulesing – during which sheep have chunks of flesh SLICED OFF – is endemic in Australia, one of the world’s largest producers of wool. credit_PattyMarkslashALV3-400x400 copy Yes, it’s done without painkillers, it really hurts and the wounds often become infected.

5. Because most sheep never make it to old age.
Sheep_WeAnimals-6930 copy
After a few years, when they’re no longer wanted, they’re generally slaughtered.

6. Because the wool trade is directly linked to the hellish live-export industry.
Sheep_WeAnimals-6704 copy
Sheep are crammed onto ships for a terrifying journey that can last days or weeks before they are killed in poorly regulated Middle Eastern slaughterhouses.

7. Because sheep are intelligent, complex and sensitive.
stock cute sheep
“We are not jumpers!”

8. Because farming sheep isn’t great for the environment, either.
According to environmentalist George Monbiot, “Few kinds of farming have done more harm in proportion to their output than the keeping of sheep in the hills”.

9. Because sheep are bred to grow excessive amounts of wool.
Wild sheep? Their coats are just right for their environment, and they shed them naturally every summer, so they get along just fine without ever being sheared.
Soay ewe” by Tomek Augustyn / CC BY-SA 2.0

10. Because these animals are exploited for their wool, too.
If it says “angora”, “alpaca”, “cashmere” or “mohair”, don’t buy it.
Vicuna” (top left) by Thom Quine / CC BY 2.0

11. Because wool-free fashion is so easy to find! Wool-free jumpers for winter And if you’re into knitting your own items, vegan yarn is readily available too! **** For more evidence of how CRUEL and UNNECESSARY wool is, take a look at PETA US’ exposé from earlier this year. Then, please, show sheep and other wool-bearing animals that you care by shopping cruelty-free and sharing this information with everyone you know! Facebook ShareTwitter Share