9 Ways to Urge boohoo to Ban Wool

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Because boohoo made a ewe-turn on its decision to ban wool, we’re finding as many ways as possible to mount pressure on the brand to honour its original pledge. Join other activists in speaking up by taking any of the actions below – every single one makes a meaningful difference for sheep, who are abused in horrific ways in the wool industry.

1. Phone boohoo.

Make a quick phone call to boohoo to let staff know how disappointed you are by the company’s decision to reverse its wool ban.

Please call both the head office on 0161 233 2050 and the press team on 020 7437 1904.

Top tip: Let us know what staff say. It’s important for us to hear their feedback, so please take a minute to fill in the form here.

2. Watch, read, listen, and share.

Use these resources to learn how sheep are abused in the wool industry:

Become sheep’s biggest advocate by seizing every opportunity to talk about cruelty in the wool industry. Many people still don’t know much about this issue, so make it your mission to inform them. Share PETA exposés on social media, talk to your friends in person, and share links to our resources in WhatsApp and Facebook chats. Never be silent!

Top tip: Don’t be judgemental – simply give your friends the information they need to make compassionate choices themselves.

3. Send a message to boohoo’s headquarters.

It’s so quick and easy to send an e-mail straight to boohoo HQ by signing our action alert. Your message will go direct to the decision-makers – so it’s a great way to make your voice heard.

Send Your Message

Top tip: Try changing the subject line and first sentence of our suggested message to make sure your e-mail stands out.

You can also write the company a letter of complaint about its continued use of wool and submit your message via the e-mail form on its website or send it to boohoo.com, 49–51 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 2HF.

4. Bombard boohoo’s social media.

boohoo has a big presence on social media, so there are plenty of opportunities to post comments on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Describe how the wool industry abuses sheep and harms the environment, and ask the company to ban wool immediately. Please use the #boohooBanWool hashtag.

Comment on boohoo's Facebook Page Tweet @boohoo Comment on boohoo's Instagram Posts

Need inspiration? Here are some sample posts:

@boohoo, sheep are mutilated and abused for wool, yet you backtracked on your decision to ban it. PLEASE stand by your word and refuse to support such cruelty. 🐑 💔#boohooBanWool

In the wool industry, shearers are usually paid by volume, not by the hour, so they often handle sheep roughly and violently, even punching animals in the face. Please, @boohoo, ban wool immediately. 🐑 💔 #boohooBanWool

@boohoo, stand by your decision to ban wool! You already know that sheep are abused in the industry and that wool is one of the most environmentally damaging materials. Your inaction is cruel. 🐑 💔 #boohooBanWool

Top tip: Leaving one comment is great, but posting some each day is even better! Set yourself a goal of leaving a comment every single day for the next 30 days to make sure your voice is heard.

5. Join a demonstration.

PETA supporters hold a demonstration outside boohoo’s Manchester HQ every Tuesday. If you live locally and would like to come along, get in touch with our campaigner, Theodora, at [email protected]. You can also join our Action Team to be kept up to date on all upcoming boohoo actions.

Join Our Action Team

Top tip: Tuesdays don’t work for you? Live far from Manchester? Why not organise a demonstration in your area? Get in touch with Theodora to request some guidance and leaflets.

6. Be creative.

Creativity goes a long way – don’t be afraid to try something different to attract boohoo’s attention. For example, you could take photos of personalised postcards, handmade sheep toys, or cute drawings of lambs by your children or younger siblings and then urge the company to do the right thing by sharing them on social media, tagging @boohoo, or posting them to boohoo.com, 49–51 Dale StreetManchester, M1 2HF.

Top tip: Tag @PETAUK when you post your creative #boohooBanWool actions, or send us some photos. We might feature them on our website or Instagram account!

 7. Tell your friends about this campaign.

Share this image on your Instagram account, tagging @boohoo and @PETAUK and using the hashtag #boohooBanWool. Explain why you think boohoo should ditch wool, and invite your friends to support your efforts.

 Top tip: If you don’t use Instagram, inspire people you know to stand up for animals by speaking about your activism on other social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat), on WhatsApp, via e-mail, at the pub, and at parties.

8. Ask everyone you know to speak out for sheep.

Help us put as much pressure as possible on boohoo by sharing this page with friends and family and encouraging them to take part in one or more of these actions.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Top tip: Your friends may be overwhelmed by the amount of information they see on social media, so always make your posts stand out by using personalised messages and taking the time to explain why this campaign is important to you.

 9. Don’t give up!

Sometimes, change doesn’t take place overnight. It took 11 months of campaigning by PETA and activists like you to persuade Thomas Cook to cut ties with SeaWorld and 20,000 signatures from PETA supporters before Greggs introduced a vegan sausage roll. So let’s continue reminding boohoo about the cruelty inherent in the wool industry by sending letters and leaving comments on social media – we need to keep the conversation going to secure this victory.

Top tip: Be inspired by our victories. All of them were possible only because of activists just like you who didn’t give up and who seized every opportunity to use their power as consumers to influence companies to make compassionate decisions.