Authors Join Forces With PETA to Help Donkeys

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A coalition of authors from across the UK and Europe has signed a letter from PETA and our international affiliates asking the Greek agriculture minister to ban cruel donkey and mule “taxi” rides in Santorini.

The authors include Neil Griffiths, the British author of Damson the Donkey; Rindert Kromhout, the Dutch author of the Little Donkey series; and Katia Simon, the German author of books about a donkey named Elias.

The letter points out that donkeys used for rides are beaten, not given adequate food and water, and forced to carry heavy loads from early in the morning until late at night.

What’s Going On in Santorini?

A PETA Germany eyewitness investigation revealed that donkeys and mules are used as “taxis” in Santorini’s scorching summer heat – they’re forced to transport tourists up more than 500 steep steps to the old town of Firá, even though a cable car has been operating nearby for decades.

Many animals were found tethered in the blazing sun without access to water or shade – and some were even forced to continue working at night, hauling bags of rubbish.

How You Can Help Donkeys

At many tourist attractions, animals are abused and mistreated so humans can make money. Avoid all animal-exploiting activities, including rides, shows, and photo ops. If you’re asked or encouraged to participate in such an activity while on holiday, please tell the organisers and fellow tourists that you refuse to take part. Explain that animals deserve respect, they aren’t selfie props or taxis, and they never consented to being used for human entertainment, and ask the organisers to stop offering these activities.

Please also sign our petition to the Greek minister for agricultural development and food urging him to ban cruel donkey and mule rides altogether: