8 Christmas Videos to Make You Rethink Your Relationship With Turkeys

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Share these videos with someone you know who is still thinking of eating turkey for Christmas dinner this year!

1. A Turkey’s Story

This cute little animation will tug at your heartstrings.

2. “Talking Turkeys” by Benjamin Zephaniah

The vegan poet eloquently sums up why you should “be nice to your turkeys this Christmas”.

3. #TerryTheTurkey


Vodafone decisively wins the battle of the Christmas ads with this heart-warming saga about one bird’s journey to the dinner table.

4. Save the Day for Turkeys

At this time of the year, you’re probably not in the mood to watch gory slaughterhouse video footage. Instead, put yourself in a turkey’s place with this dark cartoon.

5. Tofucken: The Vegan Turducken

WARNING: With language that may not be suitable for children, this video features a recipe that isn’t f**king gross.

6. Baby Turkeys Take First Step Outside

If you’ve not seen baby turkeys in action before, you’ll soon realise that they’re adorable.

7. How to Make a Vegetarian Nut Roast | Anne Jones

Learn to make a stunning vegan Christmas centrepiece that’ll win out over a dead turkey every time.


It’s easy to see why so many people are leaving turkeys (and all other animals) off their plates this Christmas.

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