Clacton Pier’s SeaQuarium Closes Following PETA Appeal

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Clacton Pier has had an animal-free transformation and shut down its SeaQuarium after hearing from PETA how Butlin’s and other UK attractions have moved away from animal captivity. A representative from the attraction told PETA that the fish and other aquatic animals who were held in the aquarium have been rehomed.

Clacton Pier has moved with the times, shutting its dolphinarium in 1985 and now closing its aquarium, and will feature an animatronic dinosaur exhibit. With rising energy prices, Clacton Pier noted that an aquarium was no longer financially viable.

“We are now in a very different world with emphasis on protecting the environment quite rightly gaining greater priority.”
– Billy Ball, Clacton Pier

The seaside venue is one of a growing number of UK theme parks and attractions that offer a thrilling day out for all the family without subjecting animals to a lifetime in a cramped tank or cage. Fun exhibits and shows with animatronic animals and cutting-edge virtual aquariums are some of the wonderful animal-free alternatives.

What’s Wrong With Aquariums?

From giant octopuses to tiny fish, the animals who are exploited by aquariums in the UK all suffer. Instead of navigating the vast oceans, marine animals at aquaria are confined to glass tanks – where they’re exposed to flashing lights, loud noises, and crowds. With little physical, pyschological, or emotional stimulation, they spend their days swimming in endless circles or floating listlessly.

Aquariums often put commercial interests above animals’ needs. Shy or nocturnal fish – who, in the wild, would spend much of their time hiding in rock crevices or among seaweed to escape predators – are kept in barren tanks with no place to hide so that human visitors can get a better look at them. Aquariums generally have high mortality rates and often import wild-caught animals to restock their tanks, which hinders marine conservation efforts.

See the Individual

Fish are intelligent: they use tools, tell time, sing, and have impressive long-term memories and complex social structures. They don’t deserve to be imprisoned in cramped, restrictive tanks.

Turning of the Tide

Thanks to the dedicated work of PETA and our supporters who speak out against cruelty to animals, SeaWorld and other marine parks are rapidly losing business. Take a look at some of the companies that do not sell or promote SeaWorld or other attractions that hold whales or dolphins captive:

What You Can Do

Aquariums are propped up by funds from tickets paid for by tourists. The best thing you can do for aquatic animals is to avoid all marine parks and other attractions exploiting animals.

Jet2holidays is still selling and promoting tickets to abusement parks such as SeaWorld. Send it a message now and urge it to cut ties with dolphin prisons: