Video: Illegal Dog Hunting Training on Brown Bears in Russia

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PETA Germany has just released this shocking video footage showing two dogs attacking a chained brown bear at a baiting station near Moscow.

The footage, obtained by animal advocates from the Russian organisation, shows a dog biting into the bear’s leg from behind. The eyewitnesses also saw a badger and a boar held captive in cages at the facility.

Dog Hunting Training in Russia Continues Despite Ban

Even though it is illegal in Russia to use wild-caught animals to train dogs for hunting, recent reports attest that authorities are not enforcing the law – which was passed in 2018 – and 18 similar baiting stations have been found in the Moscow region alone.

Bears and other animals used for hunting training in Russia are often locked up in small cages, and those who don’t die quickly as a result of injuries or stress are killed once they are no longer useful to the hunters. Dogs are also at risk of injury during the training, which is supposed to prepare them for being attacked by animals in nature while hunting.

It’s shameful that sensitive bears are still being attacked and injured by dogs when Russian officials have the power to stop it. In response, PETA Germany has sent an urgent letter to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, urging him to crack down on the illegal activity. We hope Mr Putin will order the authorities to act immediately.

What You Can Do

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