Pigs Rescued by Firefighters, Then Served to Them as Sausages

Posted by on August 23, 2017 | Permalink

Piglets rescued from a barn fire have reportedly been served up as dinner to their rescuers, the BBC reports.

“These poor piglets were no better off for escaping the fire only to be put back into it six months later after being subjected to the horrifying experience of the abattoir,” said PETA Director of International Programmes Mimi Bekhechi in a statement. “What if these firefighters had ‘saved’ a human child or a dog? Pigs feel fear and pain in just the same way as they do.”

Investigation after investigation into British farms has revealed the same thing: sick, miserable, and dying animals at every stage – from the farm to transport to the abattoir. They’re treated like inanimate objects rather than living beings with feelings and a desire to live. Every day, more piglets are brought into the world to endure an agonising fate because of greed. We doubt the farmer can look beyond her own wallet.

When the emergency services rescue animals, PETA thanks them with vegan chocolates, not the animals’ barbecued flesh. We’ll be sending Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service packs of Linda McCartney vegan sausages so that they can see how easy it is to be true heroes for pigs – by sparing them all suffering.