Giant PETA ‘Leek’ Proclaims, ‘Leeks, Not Leaks. Try Vegan’

Posted by on November 3, 2020 | Permalink

As controversy over possible government leaks made headlines this week, a PETA member dressed as a giant leek stalked the streets of Dublin today, carrying a sign reading, “Leeks, Not Leaks. Try Vegan.”

The action marks the beginning of World Vegan Month, a time when people are encouraged to show compassion for animals and stop supporting industries which exploit them. What’s the best way to do that? Going vegan!

Why Vegan?

  • For animals: Every single animal exploited and killed for food is a sensitive individual with his or her own thoughts, feelings, and personality. Yet the meat, egg, dairy, and fishing industries subject them to claustrophobic conditions, immense suffering, and violent slaughter. These animals never get to raise their families, root around in the soil, build nests, or do anything else that is natural and important to them. Most won’t even breathe fresh air until the day they’re loaded onto lorries headed to the abattoir.
  • For the planet: The leading cause of global deforestation, a major contributor to climate change, and one of the main reasons for devastating forest fires around the world is the use of animals for food. More land is required to feed a meat-eater than a vegan, and gases and waste produced by animals cause serious pollution. 
  • For our health: Vegans are less prone to suffering from heart disease, diabetes, strokes, obesity, and cancer than meat-eaters are. 

What About Leeks?

Did you know that by eating leeks, you’re supporting your immune and cardiovascular systems and aiding your vision? Try these two easy, flavoursome comfort food recipes:

What Are You Waiting For?

Going vegan is the single best thing we can do as individuals to tackle some of the biggest threats to our planet.

We’ve made it super-easy for you to embark on your vegan journey this World Vegan Month: take our 30-day vegan pledge and we’ll guide you through the transition to a compassionate lifestyle.