Harvey Nichols to Ban Fur Following Years of PETA Pressure

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Following campaigning by PETA and other animal groups disgusted by cruelty in the fur trade, Harvey Nichols is finally returning to its no-fur policy! But it needs to do much more to catch up, and we’re urging the company to get with the times and follow in the footsteps of such giants as Selfridges and Liberty by removing exotic-animal skins from its shelves, too. Caring consumers don’t want to wear any part of an animal who was electrocuted, bludgeoned, or gassed for a look that screams “ignorant and arrogant”.

This is good news for minks and the public. From protests to gathering celebrity support, PETA has been urging Harvey Nichols to drop fur for years!

Carley Stenson, Ashley James, Sharon Osbourne, Joanna Lumley, Twiggy, Hayley Mills, The Apprentice star Steven Ugoalah, and others have backed PETA in calling on the brand to go fur-free.

Thank you to all the celebrities who supported the campaign and to the 37,000 PETA supporters who sent messages to Harvey Nichols officials.

The Hideous Fur Industry

Minks, foxes, and other animals exploited on fur farms are forced to live in crowded, filthy conditions before being slaughtered for their skin.

Being confined to cramped cages – far from their native homes and with no opportunity to play, jump, run, or do anything else that comes naturally to them – often drives these inquisitive, intelligent animals insane during their short lives. Fighting, self-mutilation, and cannibalism are common on fur farms.

Breeding Grounds for Disease

Filthy fur farms packed with sick, stressed, and injured minks are a breeding ground for disease, and around the world, fur farms have experienced outbreaks of COVID-19. They represent a similar public health risk to that posed by live-animal markets.

Jo-Anne McArthur / #MakeFurHistory

Help Create a #FurFreeBritain

Fur farming has been illegal in the UK for decades, so why is this product of cruelty still sold here? Today’s conscious consumers don’t want to spend their money on the fur of tortured animals, and anyone who still sells it is out of touch. Tell the government to ban the importation and sale of fur in the UK immediately: