World’s Largest Clothing Retailer Helps Syrian Refugees and Angora Bunnies in One Compassionate Move!

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Inditex drops angora!In a massive victory for animals, the world’s largest clothing retailer, Inditex – owner of Zara, Bershka, Massimo Dutti and many other brands – has agreed to a permanent ban on angora wool!

This move will help save countless rabbits from being farmed in appalling conditions on Chinese angora farms, where they often have the fur ripped from their skin as they scream in pain.

And, in an extra-compassionate twist, it will help humans too – Inditex will donate its residual stock of 20,000 angora wool garments, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, to Syrian refugees in Lebanon through the charity Life for Relief and Development. After all, only people who are in desperate need have any excuse for wearing animals’ fur.

Inditex made its decision after discussions with PETA US, and is the latest company on an impressive list of global brands, from ASOS to Calvin Klein, that has ditched angora after a groundbreaking PETA Asia investigation showed the horrific cruelty inherent in angora production.

Check out the list of angora-free brands here, then please take action against one of the only remaining stores in the UK that has yet to ban this unethical product – Benetton.

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Image: “angora bunny CUTENESS” by Tracey / CC BY 2.0