Intensive Broiler Chicken Farm Scrapped – Thanks to You!

Posted by on July 12, 2013 | Permalink

Saved ChickensIn the small, picturesque village of Upton Snodsbury in Worcestershire, an atrocity has just been averted. There were plans to lock up 80,000 animals in windowless, claustrophobic sheds; mutilate them with an infra-red laser; dose them with drugs; force them to grow so fast that they would risk organ failure and kill them before they reached adulthood.

All this and worse would have been the miserable fate inflicted on tens of thousands of chickens on a proposed broiler factory farm in Upton Snodsbury. But now, after actions from thousands of compassionate people, that isn’t going to happen. We’ve just received word that the application for the farm has been withdrawn! Hurrah!

When they heard about the proposal, more than 8,000 PETA supporters did what they do best – spoke out on behalf of animals. The council received so many messages objecting to the application that apparently its website even crashed! This was an overwhelming response from people who made it clear that chickens, who are inquisitive and intelligent animals, do not deserve to be kept in the hellish conditions that are prevalent on intensive meat-production facilities. The withdrawal of this application clearly shows that your messages had an impact – and will save tens of thousands of innocent lives. Thank you!

There’s more that you can do for farmed animals right now. In Derbyshire and in Powys, more proposals are being considered that would allow people to profit from cruelty to animals on a mass scale. Please take action here.