Breaking Up With Captivity: ‘Love Island’ Twins Challenge Travel Providers Over Marine Parks

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Jess and Eve Gale are giving travel providers such as Jet2holidays – sponsor of Love Island – a double dose of reality in a campaign for PETA, urging their followers to never fly with companies which promote marine parks that exploit orcas and other dolphins. The striking image depicts Eve swimming free in a pristine, tranquil ocean, in stark contrast to the tiny, bleak tank confining her sister:

The visual serves as a grim reminder that while orcas in nature form complex relationships, work cooperatively to find food, and can traverse up to 150 miles of ocean every day, those at marine parks are housed in incompatible groups in cramped concrete tanks up to 10,000 times smaller than their natural home range.

“[I]t’s absolutely heartbreaking to think of orcas and their families being broken up,” said Eve, who was shocked to learn that in the wild, orcas have a life expectancy of up to 80 years old, but at marine parks, the average lifespan of an orca is only 14 years old.

Reflecting on the thought of spending her entire life confined to a tank – the miserable reality for orcas at marine parks – Jess notes, “I would become depressed. I would be so isolated and bored and lonely.”

‘Love Island’ Stars Take a Stand for Orcas

The duo is the latest in a growing roster of Love Island stars speaking out against marine parks. Fan favourites Olivia Bowen and Belle Hassan recently teamed up with PETA in a video declaring Jet2holidays’ connections with marine parks “a major ick”, while contestant Faye Winter made a splash stepping into a bathtub in the middle of London’s Piccadilly Circus with her body painted like an orca.

Orcas Need Your Help

Jet2holidays is one of the last remaining travel providers with links to orca abuse, as agents such as Expedia, Thomas Cook, British Airways Holidays, Virgin Atlantic Holidays, and Club Med have all cut ties with marine parks.

Join Jess and Eve in urging Jet2holidays to cut ties with orca captivity now: