Lacoste Joins Over 330 Brands in Banning Mohair Following PETA Exposé

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After PETA Asia’s recent eyewitness investigation of the mohair industry  revealed the abuse and exploitation of angora goats, Lacoste has made the commendable decision to implement a total ban on the material.

In doing so, the iconic fashion brand joins an ever-growing list of retailers – including ASOS, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, H&M, and, most recently, Notonthehighstreet – that have made this compassionate move. To date, over 330 brands have committed to a ban, proving that cruelty to animals is not in fashion.
Famous for its crocodile logo and boasting 1,200 shops and 10,600 outlets spread across 120 countries, Lacoste had also previously committed to angora and fur bans.

PETA’s first-of-its-kind video exposé of angora goat farms in South Africa, the world’s top mohair producer, has pulled back the curtain on the violent industry, showing workers dragging, roughly handling, throwing around, mutilating, and even cutting the throats of fully conscious goats, some of whom cried out.

In the mohair industry, many goats die from exposure to the cold after they’ve been shorn. Goats who survive repeated shearing are exploited for their hair for five or six years and are then sold for crude backyard slaughter or sent to the abattoir.

Mohair is stolen from affectionate, intelligent goats who – like all animals – exist for their own reasons. They would never choose to live in constant fear.

What You Can Do
No throw or pair of gloves is worth the blood, fear, and cries of gentle goats – and no animal was born to be exploited and killed for their hair or skin. When shopping online or in store, always check products’ material composition carefully to avoid adding any item containing mohair to your shopping basket. And please call on Free People to ditch mohair today: