Leeds North West MP Urges Landowners Not to Host Animal Circuses

Posted by on September 28, 2017 | Permalink

Alex Sobel, MP for Leeds North West, has joined PETA in speaking out against animal circuses and in urging landowners not to let these exhibitors use their land. His statement comes in response to the news that Circus Mondao – one of the few UK circuses that still use animals in performances – is pitching up in Horsforth, Leeds, this week.

Sobel’s full statement explains why forcing animals to perform in circuses is inherently cruel:

“The vast majority of people in the UK oppose the use of animals in circuses. Training animals to perform tricks, stunts, and contortions can cause immense stress and confusion – many live in constant pain and discomfort. Rarely are circus animals properly exercised or cared for between performances. Life on the road is wholly unsuitable for creatures who need space to roam and pastures to graze. So while the government dithers over introducing a ban, I call upon landowners to choose to do the right thing and refuse animal circuses the right to pitch up on their land.”

Animal circuses are a dying industry in the UK: Scotland introduced legislation to outlaw wild-animal performances earlier this year, and Wales is currently holding a public consultation on a similar ban. Meanwhile, the Westminster government has been dragging its feet on the issue for years, even though 94 per cent of respondents to a government consultation supported a ban on wild-animal circuses. Until these cruel acts are outlawed in every part of the UK, landowners have a responsibility to stand up for animals by refusing to allow them to be exploited on their land.

What You Can Do

Please don’t attend any circus that uses animals in its acts. You can also visit our action page to learn how to support a ban on wild-animal circuses in your area: