Live-Animal Event Ban Wins Councillor a PETA Award

Posted by on October 15, 2020 | Permalink

In recognition of the months-long campaign that she led to ban the exploitation of reindeer, donkeys, and other captive animals for entertainment at council-run events, Green Party Councillor Jo Burke has received a framed Compassionate Action Award from PETA.

PETA is recognising Burke for using her position to be an ally to animals and push for compassion in her community. Thanks to her work, Knowsley Council unanimously passed a ban on the use of animals at its events last month.

What’s Wrong With Having Animals on Display?

Animals used in these spectacles are often subjected to abuse in order to provide entertainment. Even under the best of circumstances and without forced performances, captivity can be hell for animals, who are meant to roam free.

Attracting customers is their handlers’ first priority, and the animals’ welfare is often the last.

Hauled from one venue to the next throughout the festive season, captive animals endure constant stress.

The Move Is an Early Christmas Present to Reindeer

Around Christmas, reindeer are often carted around from one display to another, kept in cramped sheds and pens, forced to pull sleighs, and exposed to bright lights and loud noises. Confinement prevents them from engaging in any of their natural behaviour.

When they’re denied the opportunity to roam across long distances, their hooves can grow too long, a serious condition that can be debilitating. They can also contract parasites carried by domestic animals.

The decision by Knowsley Council means no reindeer will be treated as props at council events this Christmas.

What You Can Do

Animals are not ours to use for entertainment or abuse in any other way. Please refuse to support any establishment or industry that imprisons and exploits them. Ask your council or festive-event organiser to use animal-free alternatives such as an inflatable snow globe, a Santa’s grotto, models of reindeer, or pedal-powered sleighs.

Take action to help animals confined to cages or tanks at zoos, at marine abusement parks, and on farms: