Panorama’s ‘Britain’s Puppy Dealers Exposed’ Shows Why You Should NEVER Buy a Puppy

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BBC Panorama’s “Britain’s Puppy Dealers Exposed” caused an uproar last night, as it offered an eye-opening glimpse into the life of dogs on puppy farms.

The demand for certain breeds has given rise to the breeding of puppies for sale online through websites like Gumtree. Footage on the programme showed hundreds of dogs in dark, dingy barns, confined to barren pens with little or no bedding. On one farm, animals who had just given birth were kept in tiny wooden crates with little ventilation and no space away from their puppies.

Whilst much of the abuse documented in the BBC’s undercover footage appears to reveal unacceptable cruelty to animals, these breeding facilities are actually legal. One puppy farmer exposed on the programme had even registered puppies with the Kennel Club and exhibited dogs at the infamous dog show Crufts. These shocking revelations show how there is really no way of assuring that a puppy bought from a breeder or pet store hasn’t come from a world of abuse, no matter what assurances a “dealer” may offer.

The hashtag #puppydealers started trending as viewers expressed their outrage at the legal puppy farms operating so close to home. Some even began questioning where their own beloved companion animals may have come from:

The only way to avoid contributing to this sickening moneymaking industry is to refuse to treat animals as if they were property to be bought and sold. Millions of animals are currently in animal shelters awaiting good homes whilst puppies continue to be bred.

If you have room in your life for a dog, please don’t contribute to this cruel trade. Any puppy who is purchased to be “rescued” from these farms will only be replaced with several more, so always adopt from your local shelter and give an animal in need the chance to have a loving home.

If you missed the programme, it’s available online now. Find out more about why buying a puppy is NEVER a good idea: