PETA Volunteer Inspires People Globally to Stand Up for Animals

Posted by on December 5, 2012 | Permalink

Today is International Volunteer Day. PETA owes its success to those who selflessly dedicate their time and resources to helping animals. We have so many volunteers doing wonderful work, and to celebrate, today we’re recognising one supporter with PETA’s Volunteerism Award.

Aylesbury College graduate Robert Crussell believes that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way – which also happens to be our founding principle. And Robert doesn’t just talk about his beliefs – he acts on them, publicly and often. He’s a model of what an activist for positive social change should be: determined, knowledgeable, tireless and compassionate.

For PETA, Robert has travelled and inspired others to become involved in the worldwide struggle for justice for animals while being involved in some of PETA’s headline-grabbing campaigns. Here are his 2012 greatest hits:

UNIQLO demonstration, London: We protested against UNIQLO’s continued use of wool from Australian sheep who are mutilated as lambs in a painful procedure during which large chunks of skin and flesh are cut from the animals’ backsides. After eight months of international campaigns, UNIQLO – part of Fast Retailing, the fifth-largest retailer in the world – agreed to phase out the use of wool from sheep who have been mulesed.

Paul McCartney birthday card photo, Abbey Road, London: This was part of a tribute to the former Beatle, who has promoted a compassionate vegetarian diet for decades and who famously remarked, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian”.

Running of the Bulls bullfighting protest, Pamplona, Spain: This spirited protest encouraged British tourists not to partake in the cruel Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. Prior to each run, electric prods and sharp sticks are used to rile the scared and confused bulls. They are then goaded down streets and beaten, only to end up in the bullring, where they are repeatedly stabbed with daggers and eventually the matador’s sword.

“Go for the Gold – Go Vegan” demonstration, London: This demonstration was held during the Olympic Games to let the athletes and others know that the best thing that we can do for animals, the planet and our own health is to go vegan.

Numerous actions outside Fortnum & Mason, London: These were held to let shoppers know that unlike other department stores and supermarkets, Fortnum & Mason continues to support the hideous force-feeding of ducks and geese by selling foie gras, a product so vile that it’s illegal to produce in the UK.

If you feel like joining Robert in one of PETA’s eye-catching demonstrations, just sign up for our Action Team, and we’ll inform you of upcoming events and demonstrations in your area, breaking news, urgent alerts and tips on how you can improve the lives of animals every day.